Cubes® works closely with key technology partners around the world to offer customers a complete set of enterprise performance management platform. Cubes® views its partnerships as a key building block to support its growth in the next generation enterprise performance management markets.

The foundation of the Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) offering, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 provides a complete enterprise-ready and scalable BI/data warehouse platform. With SQL Server 2005, you get the features and functionality you need to put critical, timely information in the hands of employees across your organization. Integrate multiple data sources quickly with SQL Server 2005 Integration Services. Enrich data and build complex business analytics with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services.Write, manage, and deliver rich reports with SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. SQL Server 2005 helps improve the quality of and the access to your data so that you can trust your insights, make better decisions, and respond to business demands.
Established in 1992 in Canada, Dundas Consulting was the foundation of Dundas Data Visualization. The company originated as a consulting service for custom software and grew tremendously from there. Dundas reputation is widely regarded as providing the industry`s most advanced data visualization components plus long-standing, expert consulting services. Dundas Consulting takes their years of development experience and data-visualization expertise to the custom dashboard space. It`s no wonder Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Dell, Bank of America and others turn to Dundas for assistance.