Integration with legacy systems can be a difficult task for an inexperienced one. We in cubes® are experts in data warehousing, OLAP and data integration services.

Proof of Concept Design

Seeing is believing. One of the most compelling aspects of an enterprise executive dashboard is when customers see their own data in graphical display. Seeing real data eliminates the need to guess how the final results will appear. Cubes® can build a demonstration using your data. We call this a “proof of concept.”

Proof of Concept design services are delivered on a custom quote basis, depending on client needs. It is used to demonstrate the different capabilities of the Cubes® solutions and allow the customers to explore the potentials of customized dashboard solutions.

Data Warehousing and OLAP Services

Cubes® is unique because we use our customers’ native data to provide real time information in our graphical displays. Cubes® professional services staff understand how to extract and transform data from virtually any data source for use in an effective Corporate Performance Dashboard or Visual Business Intelligence Dashboard. Our expertise is available to our clients with our Data Warehousing and OLAP services.

Cubes® experts help our customers extract data from applications, databases, or files, wherever they may reside. Cubes® also has the knowledge required to transform, manipulate and filter the data once inside the product to distill essential and actionable information.

Data Warehousing and OLAP Services are delivered on a custom quote basis, depending on client needs.

Customized Scorecards and Dashboard Development Services

Some of our customers want to develop in-house skills to be self-sufficient in executive dashboard design and scorecard building, but others wish to have Cubes® provide the skills and resources needed to create executive dashboards l Scorecards. Cubes®’s customized Scorecard and Dashboard Development can fast-track the design process. Our experts deploy the solution quickly and effectively. In the process, key skills can be transferred to our customers, increasing their executive dashboard / Scorecard design and implementation self-sufficiency for future projects.

Many resellers and solution partners choose Cubes® Dashboard Development Services because they wish to maintain focus on their own core competencies. For other partners who wish to develop executive dashboard development skills, choosing Cubes® for Dashboard Development Services is a way to augment their in-house capabilities and quickly come up to speed in advanced graphics development.

Our business experts can help you define the right KPI’s for your business needs, and our experience in data visualization can help you build your customized dashboards quickly, saving you lost of time thinking about what should be measured and how should that be presented.

Backed with predefined dashboard templates for different vertical industries such as Banking, Insurance, Airlines, Sales …etc, your customized dashboard can be made online in a few days.

The Development of the customized scorecard / Dashboards services pass through the following stages

Dashboard Development Services are delivered on a custom quote basis, depending on client needs.

Cubes® Solution Training

We assist our customers in optimizing their return on investment in Cubes® by efficiently organizing knowledge transfer from Cubes®. We help reduce costs by providing a structured and proven training plan for companies who are implementing Cubes®. We also work closely to customize training requirements for our client’s environment and needs. Our goal is customer success.

Cubes® Training and Consulting is delivered as a fixed price service, so costs are predictable and known in advance. Cubes® can facilitate training at the customer site or at Cubes® headquarters where customers can experience the full measure of Cubes® knowledge and skill in data visualization.