Cubes® for Insurance

With the ever-increasing demands imposed by regulators and shareholders, insurance organizations need robust performance management systems. They must be user-friendly and able to deliver accurate, timely and comprehensive performance information. And they must provide real business benefit by enhancing the decision-making process.

Cubes® Performance Management For Insurance

provides insurance companies with a complete insight on the performance of its different business division along with the kind of products/services they deliver.


Developed based on best practices for insurance industry, Cubes® Performance Management For Insurance is specifically designed to provide insurance industry executives with a comprehensive framework to define and measure the strategic objectives of the organization and to give the insurance executive immediate, accurate and up-to-date information on a wide variety of performance measures. Information is displayed in graphical formats, affording the insurance executive slice and dice capability that allows critical information to be accessed quickly.


Cubes® Performance Management For Insurance can be deployed quickly allowing insurance companies to better analyze their data within weeks. With over 90 KPI’s out of the box that snap on to existing systems and require minimal involvement of company personal. This allows company personal to focus on core business improvement.

Cubes® Corporate Performance Management dashboarding features at a glance :